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In the first seven days of our trip we stayed in Worthing at host families. All in all, the host families were really nice but most of our rooms were very small and cold. Luckily, we learnt to deal with that during the week. We also took along some presents for our host families for example “Mozartkugeln” and “Mannerschnitten”. Most of the evenings we spent at the Worthing Pier which was quite fascinating. On the last evening in Worthing, the whole class went bowling, which was such a fun.

We had four days school from 8:30 to 12:40 and our teacher was Louise. She was a very good teacher and her lessons were quite interesting. She taught us about the English culture, the traditions, the Royal family, how to write a review and much more. On the last day the whole class did a presentation for Mrs Spuller and Mr Schaffer about the things we had learned in the lessons. We also had a lot of fun because sometimes she tried to spell out German words like “Schnitzel”, but her pronunciation was hilarious.

Although the three days in London were very short, we really enjoyed the time there. Right on the first day somebody from our group lost his day-ticket. After we missed our bus we had to go and buy a new one. But it wasn´t a big problem and we went on with the sightseeing. Beside shopping, we were also looking forward to the football match Tottenham vs Manchester City. Although the result was a little bit disappointing, it was a great experience to watch a match at Wembley Stadium. We also went to Hyde Park and to Harrods but we didn’t buy a lot because nothing there was really cheap.

We really liked and enjoyed the trip to England because it´s very special to spend some time with your classmates and learn about a complete different culture. We saw a lot of interesting attractions, we had a lot of fun together and what´s the most important thing was that our class community became even better.

Text: Dorentine Dvorani (6.C) & Hanna Thaller (6.C)

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