Language challenge: Accepted!

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Last school year, numerous students from year 7 classes attended the preparation course for the Cambridge B2 First exam (FCE) offered at the BG/BRG/BORG Kapfenberg. Following this preparation process, the participants took the exam in June and got their results during the summer holidays 2021.

The First Certificate of English proves that students have the language skills they need to communicate and work independently in an English-speaking environment. Moreover, the B2 First is accepted by thousands of businesses and institutions worldwide, which makes it easier for learners when applying for a job, for instance.

As this is an outstanding opportunity for English language learners to show their language qualification as well as being prepared for the English Matura, this course is currently offered again for students interested in gaining the B2 level certificate at the end of the school year.

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Congratulations to the following students who took the exam in June:


  • Schweighofer Sandra
  • Pichler Marlene
  • Fellner Elisabeth
  • Aigner Rosalie
  • Holzapfel Lia
  • Kern Annika
  • Prieler Estella
  • Alija Donjeta
  • Hinteregger Noel
  • Manović Korina
  • Binder Sarah
  • Herich Alisa
  • Irouschek Hanna
  • Reinprecht Nicolas
  • Köppel Lisa
  • Bichler Levi


  • Hofbauer Diana
  • Brandner Helene
  • Kohl Hannah
  • Pieber Martina
  • Müller Yasmina
  • Reicher Mona
  • Anusic Anamarija
  • Bahtiri Gerta


  • Oliver Slysko

Text: Mag. Madeleine Lenger
Foto: Mag. Heike Holli

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